Elevator Direction provides a wide range of consulting services for buildings. We can assist with service audits and compliances, upgrades and modernisation or full lift replacements assessments.

Vertical Transportation Design

At the start on any project we are able to provide concept and detail design while working as standalone consultants or as part of multidiscipline team.

Our skills include provision of traffic studies, lift shaft sizing, escalator detail and providing industry product knowledge from multiple suppliers. Our designs are completed with reference to regulatory authorities including Australian Standards, Building Code of Australia (NCC) and the Property Council of Australia Guidelines.

Technical Specifications

We specialise in writing individualised specifications for any given project. Our objectives are to provide long term reliability, quality, compliance and pleasing aesthetics on all our lift projects. We provide shaft sizing, lift speeds, number of lifts required at the design stage of new projects.

This information is critical right up front as lift pits are always the first parts of a building to be constructed.

Tendering & Valued Engineering

We combine technical specifications and commercial terms for formal tendering on our clients behalf. We believe the real value we provide our clients is competitive pricing to the right scope of work. We assess returned tenders, provide valued engineering, and make recommendations for value for money.

Project Management

We provide contract management to ensure projects are delivered in a timely manner and without additional variation costs.

Condition & Modernisation

We provide life cycle reports, scope with budget pricing for lift replacements. Our modernisation specifications are designed to retain products that still have value and yet replace componentry where to meet code compliance obsolescence and budgets.

Annual Audit Inspections Maintenance Agreements

We provide site inspections and analysis on lift and escalator performance. These results are benchmarked against the industry averages, the age of the equipment, codes and standards. We provide tailored maintenance agreements for our clients, noting their best interests in fair manner.